Tirelessly commitment!

This is the topic of the XXII Day for Children Victims that will be celebrated from the 25th of April to the 6th of May 2018, to remember that there is a child to save, to help, to free, to protect. A child to welcome, that needs to grow with dignity and with respect towards his fragile human condition

There are so much children that need our efforts to be constant and timeless, surely not occasional and improvised. In such a time characterized by the affirmation of human rights, it is dramatic that there is the need to dedicate a Day to the children victims of sexual violence and exploitation for the twenty-second time.

It is unconceivable and unthinkable that we need to insist in the action to defend young innocents: such horrible violence should not exist at all. However it does happen. Abuses and violence that are often justified in the name of an atavistic resignation: they have always happened and always will.

The commitment of those who do their best to better the conditions of childhood and adolescence has to continue in an indefectible and tireless way.

A commitment which helps society not to surrender to resignation and silence; a commitment that shakes the conscience of every individual when facing such deviated and horrifying behaviours, which are a real crime against the whole humanity.

This is the foundation of the Day for Children Victims of violence, exploitation and indifference, against pedophilia. Meter NPO celebrates this event since 1995 to think about the condition of childhood, to sensitize civil society and ecclesial communities on the sad phenomenon of pedophilia and child pornography; to encourage others and itself to continue the action in favour of the youngest, of the weakest and of the helpless ones: children.

Lets commit to celebrate the XXII Day for Children Victims (GBV) against pedophilia with this spirit.

Lets diffuse the culture of respect of children, of their person, with an accent on the relational and spiritual aspect of working with them, contributing in this way to a material and spiritual progress of society.


“Give us; oh Lord, to always serve the promotion of love and respect for your beloved little ones, inspire loving and responsible servants to prevent abuses in Church and society”

This is the prayer (that will be on the subsidy “La Domenica” of 06/05/2018) that will accompany and guide the various initiatives that will be launched in occasion of this manifestation.


We can’t remain indifferent; friends, volunteers, referents of Meter’s territorial Offices and Groups, we are all invited to promote initiatives, commemorative and sensitization moments , to not foget, to continue to fight any kind of abuse and violence on minors.

  • It is possible to organize reflection, prayer and sensitization moments, individually or in groups, inside your ecclesial, associative, familiar or working reality.
  • Communicate your initiatives to the national office so they can be diffused through the medias with the aim to sensitize and involve as much people as possible.
  • You can print and distribute the informative material downloading it from here


On the 6th of May Meter will be At Saint Peter’s Square at the Regina Coeli, like every year since 22 years, to receive the “special greeting” and the message of Pope Francis. You are all invited to participate spontaneously and voluntarily, wearing a yellow hat and a yellow t-shirt. Whoever would like to join the group of Meter’s volunteers can fill the adhesion form. When in Saint Peter’s Square yellow t-shirts, hats and flags will be distributed, this is the colour that has become symbol of the Day.

The organization of the trip will be autonomous. The appointment is at 10 am under the right obelisk. We hope many of you will come. We are all invited to participate.


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